Aareon Annual Report 2016

Next level networking

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Making connections. Facilitating exchange. Rethinking together. If processes are to be rendered efficient and innovative solutions provided, all participants have to be networked at a higher level. Aareon Smart World implements this next level networking. It enables property companies to link up with their customers, employees and business partners and technical devices to be interconnected, both in individual apartments and entire buildings. This results in a digital ecosystem that creates added value and makes our lives much smarter.

Fiscal 2016

  • EBIT increased significantly to €34.2 million (previous year: €26.9 million)
  • Much higher revenues of €210.7 million (previous year: €186.9 million)
  • High capital expenditure on research and development at €9.6 million
  • Digital ecosystem solution portfolio “Aareon Smart World” extended further
  • “Aareon Flight Plan” strategy programme aims to position Aareon as a trailblazing partner for digititalisation in the property industry
  • Certifications confirm high level of data protection