Aareon at a glance

With its IT solutions, Aareon provides efficient support for property industry processes in the digital age.

Cornerstones of strategy

Having a clear customer focus

Top priority is given to customer satisfaction and creating customer benefit.

Offering pioneering solutions

Aareon draws on the latest trends and industry requirements when developing and refining its products and services.

Being a dependable partner

Aareon is a dependable and reliable partner for its customers, employees, investors and stakeholders.

Aareon has its headquarters in Mainz, Germany, and international subsidiaries in France, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

make use of Aareon’s consulting, software and services to simplify and automate their processes. They manage over 10 million units with the help of Aareon’s IT solutions.

of different nationalities and from different cultures and age groups are the key to our success. They have the necessary IT and property-industry expertise, are dedicated and willing to perform, and always remain focused on the customer.

Aareon Smart World

Harness the opportunities presented by digitalisation with Aareon Smart World. This digital ecosystem enables property companies to link up with their customers, employees and business partners and can interconnect technical devices, both in individual apartments and entire buildings. It also allows processes to be redesigned and optimised. Aareon Smart World adds value by lowering costs, enabling new business models and facilitating the dialogue between customers and housing-industry employees.